One Stroke Painting with Kirti

One Stroke Painting with Kirti

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Are you someone who loves exploring materials,medium and styles in art? Are you an aspiring artist? Are you growing your followers on Instagram and want guidance in creating high quality art pieces of your own? Are online videos not doing justice to the claims?

To help you satisfy your hunger for learning art and for growing your passion, we at Skillxn are presenting you with a  Monthly Learning Plan.

 "One Stroke Painting Techniques" is our unique interactive online class that enables you to learn the intricacies of one stroke painting like:

  • Techniques to hold a flat brush
  • Making color choices for blending
  • Loading the brush
  • Basic elements and improvisations

We are facilitating an environment for you to directly interact with the mentors and help you have exponential progress rather than spending time searching and watching multiple videos to learn.

About the Session


One stroke painting is an art technique in which you can make beautiful paintings in just one stroke. You can achieve shading, highlighting, and blending in a single stroke movement. All you have to do is to load multiple colors on a single flat or angle brush and make beautiful paintings using simple brush stroke movements. This decorative painting art can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as glass, canvas, wood, paper, fabric etc.

One stroke painting technique is an easy to learn technique for beginners and experienced hands. If you have never painted before then also you can learn this technique easily with some practice.

As the name suggests, one stroke painting is a painting technique that can be used to create and improvise decorative patterns and compositions. This decorative form of painting garnered so much of popularity since 1700 because of its simplicity and versatility. 

This skill can be applied on a wide variety of materials ranging from pottery to wooden furniture's and from ceramics to scrapbooks and fabrics.

This Monthly Learning plan consists of a total of 16 hours of learning extending onto assignments and worksheets to solidify your understanding and skills. 8 classes of 2 hours sessions  spread over 4 weekends. This is designed to give you ample time to practice your assignments and the techniques for a week moving onto the next week’s agenda. 

The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also enjoy the session and progress along. 

WEEKEND 1 : ( 8th,9th August) 

Session 1: Learning outcomes :

  • Introduction
  • Understanding of materials 
  • Loading the brush 
  • Basic stroke
  • Lines and curves
  • Grape wines and Grasses

Session 2 : Learning outcomes :

  • Basic Comma strokes 
  • S strokes 
  • One stroke simple leaf
  • Slender leafs and long slender leafs
  • Filler leafs 
  • Leaf compositions

WEEKEND 2 : (15th,16th August)  

Session 3 : Learning outcomes :

  • Comma strokes with round brushes
  • Leafs using comma strokes 
  • C strokes
  • Heart shaped leaves
  • Daisy flower

Session 4 : Learning outcomes :

  • Basic teardrop stroke
  • Variations of teardrop stroke 
  • Flower variations applying teardrop stroke ( 4 and 5 petals)
  • Making a hydrangea flower 
  • Basics of flower compositions
  • Multi stroke leafs 

WEEKEND 3 : (22nd, 23rd August)

Session 5: Learning outcomes :

  • Project 1 : Layered flower basics
  • Ribbon stroke variations
  • Bow
  • Skinner leaf 
  • Geranium flower

Session 6 : Learning outcomes :

  • How to build a rose flower?
  • 4 variations of rose buds 
  • How to build a Camellia flower? 
  • Background preparation for Project 2 

WEEKEND 4 : (29th, 30th August)

Session 7: Learning outcomes :

  • Simpler rose variations
  • Butterflies and Fireflies
  • Hydrangea project

Session 8 : Learning outcomes :

  • Introduction to wreath 
  • Wreath project with rose
  • 1 border/bookmark project 

Materials Required: 

1. Paper(A4 printer paper should be good for practice)

2. Chart papers for finished projects( or any thick paper in case its not available A4 printer paper would do)

3. Acrylic paints (sap green and yellow for leaves,blue pink and white for flowers) these colors are not mandatory and any colors of choice can be used

4. Synthetic Flat brushes(no.6 and 9)(fine art brand is the recommended one but its ok to use other brands)

5. Synthetic round brushes(no.6 and 8)

Note : Its OK if the brushes are not if the exact size. Something similar would do

6. OHP sheet(or any smooth plastic sheet)

7. Wash tub to clean brushes

8. A wash cloth to wipe brushes

About the Mentor

"I am in love with my life right now with what art brings to it and want to share this happiness with you all through this simple but amazing stress relieving session" - Kirti 

Kirti is a software engineer by profession and an artist by passion. She has a day job with a corporate company and creates art by evening. She loves creating art and one stroke painting has been something close to her heart. She feels that the simplicity it comes with helps in releasing stress and also acts as a form of self expression. 

 She also practices other forms of art like zen doodling,clay modelling, mandala etc which she learnt over time and fell in love with.The journey in art began for her since early childhood but then it's until a few years back that she resumed her journey and deepened her connect. She is a passionate teacher and loves sharing her knowledge with art aspirants and budding artists.

When & Where?

Venue At the comfort of your Home

Weekend 1 - 8th,9th August

Weekend 2 - 15th,16th August

Weekend 3 -  22nd,23rd August

Weekend 4 -  29th,30th August

Time 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

(Includes 30 minutes of doubt clarification in each session) 

After you register, we would send you the instructions and the access link to join the online session. You will be receiving these details on 7th August after we close the registrations.

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