Cheriyal Art Monthly learning plan with Vinay ji

Cheriyal Art Monthly learning plan with Vinay ji

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This Indian Traditional Monthly Learning plan consists of a total of 16 hours of learning extending onto assignments and worksheets to solidify your understanding and skills. 8 live classes of 2 hour sessions spread over 4 weekends. This is designed to give you ample time to practice your assignments and the techniques for a week moving onto the next week’s lessons.


"Cheriyal traditional art" is our unique interactive online class that enables you to learn the intricacies by the direct mentorship of one of the few exotic artists in the present generation:

  • History and context of art form
  • Basic patterns, motifs and borders
  • The cheriyal style of storytelling
  • Understanding of colors in Cheriyal

We are facilitating an environment for you to directly interact with the mentors and help you have exponential progress rather than spending time searching and watching multiple videos to learn.

About the Session

Cheriyal Art painting is a 400-year old traditional art-form from the Deccan states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India. The art form takes its name from village of its origin 'Cheriyal' in Telangana. Previously known as Nakashi art by the locals (Nakashi is derived from Urdu and translates as Artist). Cheriyal Art in scroll painting that depict mythological scenes, especially made for travelers. Cheriyal paintings are scrolls which were used by storytellers to tell tales of epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also enjoy the session and progress along. 


Learning outcomes :

  • Introduction
  • About the artist
  • History, significance and Influences
  • Understanding of materials 
  • Borders and motifs
  • What makes cheriyal art form unique?
  • Human Figures


Learning outcomes :

  • Paintings of scenes from Village theme
  • Review of student work from weekend 1
  • Understanding color mixed in Cheriyal
  • Showcase of artist's work 


Learning outcomes :

  • Paintings of scenes from Krishna Leela/Mythological composition containing lesser characters
  • Review of student work from weekend 2
  • Theme discussion for final painting


Learning outcomes :

  • Paintings of scenes from Mythology containing more intricate details and characters
  • Review of student work from previous weekend.

( *There will be slight modifications in the agenda based on the flow and pace of the batch)

Materials Required: 

Materials needed:

1) 3 canvas of 12*12 or acrylic friendly paper

2) Acrylic colors 

3) Black gel pens

4) Brushes

5) Pencil, sharpeners, erasers, ruler

    About the Mentor

    Vinay Kumar is an artist belonging to one of the few families practicing this art form in this generation. He is also the son of the national award winning artist Mr. Vaikuntam. Although cheriyal art has been an active part of his upbringing, he is officially involved in this artfrom for over 12 years now.

    He has mentored and directly conducted workshops in many reputed institutions all over the country. His works have been featured and appreciated in some of the esteemed art institutions and galleries in India and abroad. Some of them are Lalit Kala academy, Delhi, Victoria and Albert museum, London, Center of Indian and South Asian studies, Paris and so on.

      When & Where?

      Venue At the comfort of your Home
      Date & Time   

      Weekend 1 - 17th, 18th April, 06:00 pm to 08:00pm IST, 2 hours 

      Week 2 - 24th, 25th April, 06:00 pm to 08:00pm IST, 2 hours

      Week 3 - 01st, 02nd May, 06:00 pm to 08:00pm IST, 2 hours  

      Week 4 -  01st, 02nd May, 06:00 pm to 08:00pm IST, 2 hours

      Total Duration  16 hours


      The classes would be conducted on zoom. Video Recordings would be provided to support the learning experience during the course of the learning plan.   

      Where You Can Reach Us?


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