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Godna Art Session by Avdesh

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Hey there! It's time to stay at home. Isn't this the best time to learn something new?

To help you make use of this time at home in a meaningful way, we at Skillxn are presenting you with a series of online sessions. "Godna Painting with Avdesh" is our unique interactive online class that enables you to learn from our artist more closely and elaborately.

This is designed to be a 2 day workshop to give an opportunity for the learners to internalize the outcomes of the live sessions spanned at 2 hours everyday.

As a part of this session, you also get to access an exclusive private group with the mentor and fellow creatives to interact, share, exchange ideas and feedback. Isn't this an exciting opportunity to learn and share at the comfort of your home?

About the Session

Between 1972 and 78 Erika Moser, a German anthropologist, made several visits to sita Devi's village, Jitwarpur to study and film the crafts and rituals of Dusadhs, a Dalit community. Moser urged the Dusadh women to also start painting on paper to generate additional income for the house. Unfamiliar with the complex imaginary used by the Kayastha and Brahmin women, the Dusadh women encouraged by Moser, began to take inspiration from their own oral, cosmological and aesthetic traditions and created their own three distinctive styles and techniques. The first, initiated by Chano Devi derived from the tattoo images many of them had on their arms and legs. This style came to be known as Godna(tattoo) paintings.

These paintings largely composed of rows and concentric circles of flowers, fields, animals, figures and spirit drawn with a pointed bamboo pen and lampblack ink. This style was adopted by many Dusadh women and soon was further innovated to include the use of bamboo brushes and a range of colours made from flowers, leaves, barks, berries etc. Till date, godna remains the most popular style used by Dusadh artists. Dusadh painters have been extremely innovative and experimental in there styles and techniques and have been rapidly expanding the scope of their art.

This session would be conducted in HINDI.

About the Mentor

Madhubani Avdesh Skillxn


Avdesh Kumar Karn is a Mithila Chitrakala artist from Bihar and has over 35 years of experience in this art form. He has won many prizes including the Bihar State Award for Madhubani Art in the year 2015.

He has conducted hundreds of workshops in reputed institutions and has traveled across the country to teach and spread this art form. He has broken the constraints of medium by exploring this art form on handmade paper, paper plates, walls, scrolls and so on.

Who should Sign Up for this?

The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also enjoy the session. A keen interest to pick up this form of art and dedication to complete the classroom assignments from time to time is really important to make the most of this opportunity.


  • Drawing Sheets: It's ideal to have A4 size paper or paper size of Length"11 and width"7.5 inches (optional) 
  • Black Gel Pen is compulsory,
  • Fine-Liners/Fountain Pen preferably with Black Ink(optional).
  • Water Colours/Sketch Pens/Indian Colour Inks/Acrylics/Poster Colours.
  • Scale, Eraser and a Pallet or some Plate.

This would be easy enough for everyone to follow at the same time engaging enough for learning this art form.

  1. Introduction to Basics
  2. Motif Making
  3. Patterns Making
  4. In Detailing
  5. Ending with Color Filling     

When & Where?

Venue At the comfort of your Home
4th July 2020 to 5th July 2020
Time 10.30 AM to 12:30 PM

(Includes 30 minutes of doubt clarification in each session) 

Once you register, we would send you the instructions and the access link to join the online session.

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