Gond Tribal Art Classes with Heeraman ji

Gond Tribal Art Classes with Heeraman ji

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Are you someone who is passionate about Indian traditional artforms? Do materials,medium and styles excite you?  Are you an artist growing your followers on Instagram and want to learn and create high quality art pieces of your own? 

To help you satisfy your hunger for learning art and for growing your passion consistently, we at Skillxn are presenting Traditional Art Learning Plans to materialize your aspirations.

"Gond Tribal Art Classes" is our unique interactive online class that enables you to learn the intricacies by the direct mentorship of one of the few exotic artists in the present generation:

  • History and context of art form
  • Basic patterns, motifs and borders
  • The cheriyal style of storytelling
  • Understanding of colours in Gond

We are facilitating an environment for you to directly interact with the mentors and help you have exponential progress rather than spending time searching and watching multiple videos to learn


About the Session

Gond Art is a tribal art form which belongs to the Gond Adivasi community of India. These aboriginal people live in the parts of eastern and central Indian in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Maharashtra. Traditionally, these art adorned the mud walls of the houses of this tribal community. From early 1980s, certain sects of this community started using unconventional tools and techniques. The context and the purpose of the art form took a new twist towards story telling shifting away from ritualism.

This Monthly Learning plan consists of a total of 16 hours of learning extending onto assignments and worksheets to solidify your understanding and skills. This is designed to give you ample time to practice your assignments and the techniques for a week moving onto the next week’s agenda. 

The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also enjoy the session and progress along. 

WEEK 1 : ( 14th&16th October)

Learning outcomes :

  • Introduction
  • About the artist
  • History, significance and Influences
  • Understanding of materials 
  • Borders and motifs : Types of trees & birds
  • What makes Gond art form unique?

WEEK 2 : (21st&23rd October)  

Learning outcomes :

  • Getting started with Animals 
  • Abstract forms
  • Review of student work from week 1
  • Understanding colors
  • Showcase of artist's work 
  • Approaching own compositions

WEEK 3 : (28th&30th October)

Learning outcomes :

  • Water animals - Fish, Turtle, Crocodiles
  • Human Figures
  • Review of week 2
  • Theme discussion for final project

WEEK 4 : (04th & 06th November)

Learning outcomes :

  • Tribal festivals
  • Tribal Marriage
  • Review of week 3
  • Theme discussion for final project
  • Closing remarks by artists


( *There will be slight modifications in the agenda based on the flow and pace of the batch)

Materials Required: 

Materials needed:

1) Acrylic friendly paper

2) Acrylic colors 

3) Black gel pens

4) Brushes

5) Pencil, sharpeners, erasers, ruler

    About the Mentor

    Heeraman Urweti is a traditional Indian artist belonging to Sonpuri,Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh one of the few families practicing this art form. He has been practising this art form for over 2 decades now. He started learning and practising this art form from  the legendary Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyamji, the first artist to present Gond on paper. Heeraman also working for him for 3 years before branching out.
    He has worked with popular interior design firms and other institutions to create beautiful Gond interior murals. He is not just a passionate artist but also has an inherent inclination towards teaching and spreading this art form as well. He has conducted numerous workshops and master classes throughout the country. 

      When & Where?

      Venue At the comfort of your Home

      Week 1 (Wed, Fri) - 14th & 16th October (4-6 pm)

      Week 2 (Wed,Fri) - 21st & 23rd October (4-6 pm)

      Week 3 (Wed, Fri) - 28th & 29th October (4-6 pm)

      Week 4 (Wed, Fri) - 4th & 6th October (4-6 pm)

      Duration 16 hours

      (Includes 30 minutes of doubt clarification in each session) 

      Video Recordings would be provided to support the learning experience during the course of the learning plan.   

      Where You Can Reach Us? 

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