Madhubani & Warli Art Workshop

Madhubani & Warli Art Workshop

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Hey there! It's time to stay at home. Isn't this the best time to learn something new?

To help you make use of this time at home in a meaningful way, we at Skillxn are going to bring the finest of the artists from all corners of India to your home... "Madhubani and Warli Workshop" is one of our unique offerings where you can learn about two different Indian Art Forms from two renowned artists in two days!

Skillxn presents you an interesting opportunity to enroll for two workshops with one registration. You can learn our traditional art forms Madhubani and Warli from Avdesh Kumar Karn, an Award winning Madhubani artist from Bihar -  the land of Madhubani and Shriya - a passionate artist who is keenly interested in Indian folk art and has been practicing Warli art for over 7 years. Get introduced to these two art forms with our 2 day workshop.  

About the Session

Madhubani and Warli Art Workshop is a two day offering from Skillxn, 2 hours each. You’ll learn Madhubani Art in one day and Warli Art in the other.

Day -1 Madhubani Workshop

Madhubani Avdesh Skillxn


Madhubani Art (or Mithila Painting) is an interesting style of Indian painting characterized by its eye-catchy geometrical patterns. It practiced in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. This painting is done with a variety of tools, including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks and using natural dyes and pigments.

Avdesh is here to introduce you to this artform and help you get started by presenting his years of expertise presented in a simplified manner. This session would be conducted in HINDI.

Materials Needed

  • Black Pens ( Gel Pens or Fine-Liners if Available )
  • Pencils
  • Erasers and Sharpeners
  • Paper

Day-2 Warli Workshop

Warli Art India - Skillxn


Warli is one of the oldest forms of Indian folk art and has its origins in the Warli region of Maharashtra. This form of tribal art mainly makes use of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares to form numerous shapes depicting life and beliefs of the Warli tribe. In olden days, Warli art was done on walls on special occasions. The painting would be done over a brown background which would basically be a mixture of mud and cow dung cakes. The white pigment used to draw shapes and figures would be a mixture of rice mixed with water and gum. One of the most popular themes in Warli art is a spiral chain of humans around one central motif. This in accordance with their belief that life is an eternal journey, and it has no beginning and end.

Men and women hold hands as they dance to the melodies of the tarpa, a trumpet like instrument. Their dance signifies the circle of life.

In this session, you would make an art work consisting of basic elements like:

  • Warli Borders
  • Warli Tarpa Dance Motif
  • Warli Instrument Players
  • Warli Tree, Birds and Animals

Materials Required

  • A4 size Drawing Paper
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Pen and Black Sketch Pen
  • Scale, Protractor and Compass (Geometry Box)

    About the Mentors

    Madhubani & Warli Art Workshop


    Avdesh Kumar Karn is a Madhubani artist from Bihar and has over 35 years of experience in this artform. He has won many prizes including the Bihar State Award for Madhubani Art in the year 2015.

    Shriya is an interior designer by profession and is an artist by passion. She has a keen interest in folk arts and has been studying, practicing and teaching Warli art for almost 7 years now. She has made Warli art works the scale of an entire wall and also on many pillars in colleges and houses. Apart from having a keen interest in traditional arts, she also has an inherent inclination towards various craft forms. Being a paper florist herself, she explores with crepe paper and other materials to create stunning replicas of flowers found in nature. She also occasionally indulges in making customized dream-catchers, doodling and making interesting watercolor bookmarks.

    Who should Sign Up for this?

    The session has been planned in such a way that people from all age groups and all backgrounds would enjoy the session.

    When & Where?

    Venue At the comfort of your Home

    20th June 2020 - Madhubani Art Workshop

    21st June 2020 - Warli Art Workshop 

    Time 4.30 PM to 6:30 PM

    Once you register, we would send you the instructions and the access link to join the online session.

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