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Microgreens for a Healthy Diet

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Hey there! It's time to stay at home. This is also the time to learn things to eat healthy and stay healthy!

To help you make use of this time at home in a meaningful way, we at Skillxn are presenting you with a series of online sessions.

"Growing Microgreens for a Healthy Diet" is one of those sessions intended to introduce you to the world of microgreens and to know how to grow these nutritional greens at home!

What's this online session about?

Microgreens are herbs or vegetables that are harvested right after they have sprouted and grown their first set of leaves.

They are used in dishes for both their flavor and visual appeal.

They have a host of benefits depending on which kind of microgreens you are eating. These include reducing chances of cancer, lowering cholesterol, and many more.

In this session, we would be looking to answer the following questions:

1. What are Microgreens?

2. Nutritional benefits of Microgreens

3. Popular Microgreen Varieties

4. Growing Microgreens at home

5. Tackling some common problems with microgreens.

The session would end with some easy recipes that you can try at home followed by a brief Q&A session. A set of resources that would help you get started with Microgreens would be shared with all participants.

Who should Sign up for this?

Are you someone who's regularly looking out for options to eat right? Are you an organic farming evangelist looking to explore more? You must be a kitchen gardener growing your own vegetables or Are you simply curious about microgreens?

This is for everyone who has a bit of health consciousness in them and wants to know how microgreens can be a home grown source of healthy nutrition. Having said that, this is a beginner level course intended to help you get started.

Know your mentor for the Session!

Barakha Udasi is going to be the mentor of this session and she's going to introduce you to microgreens.

Barakha has been working on Microgreens from last three years. Her journey with organic food started with a small workshop on terrace gardening. That two day workshop made her question and rethink everything about the kind of food we eat everyday.

From that day onwards, she started researching about organic farming, gardening and everything related to it. This further led her to complete a 3 month long diploma program in Organic Farming. This growing passion in her made her attend several workshops of Mr. Subhash Palekar who is a Padma Shri awardee for his work in the agricultural sector.

Presently, she specializes in growing a variety of Microgreens and she has worked closely with 5 star hotel chefs to learn about dishes which can impart nutritional values to an individual.

Besides that, she has also worked for more than 3 years in the IT industry and now has taken a keen interest in helping small and medium scale businesses to grow and develop through social media.

When & Where?

Venue At the comfort of your Home
14th June 2020 
Time 4.30 PM to 6:30 PM

Once you register, we would send you the instructions and the access link to join the online session.

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