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Origami for Home Decor with Aditi

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Have you ever tried marrying the idea of learning origami and decorating your home?

To help you make use of this time at home in a meaningful way, we at Skillxn are bringing you the finest of the artists from all corners of India to your home not just for a day or two but for the entire month, unbelievable?... "Origami for Home Decor with Aditi" is one of our monthly learning plans intended to help you indulge in creativity and mindfulness every weekend.

About the Session


Origami comes from the Japanese words oru, to fold, and kami, paper. Although the exact origins of this art form is unknown, researchers have traced it back to 6th century BC as being practiced by Buddhist monks for their rituals.

Did you know that Origami can be a great tool for focused meditation and relaxation?

Samuel Tsang, a passionate origami artist and teacher based out of London has written in his book, “The Book of Mindful Origami” on a lot of interesting effects of Origami like being a tool for focused meditation, aiding in developing patience, focus, dexterity, spatial skills and strengthening your hand-eye coordination apart from making you forget the world around and relax. 

Let’s forget all these benefits for a moment, aren’t origami models really beautiful to look at with their minimal aesthetic? Don’t you think that they are creative and cost-effective ways to beautify your spaces? Isn’t that a super cool reason in itself to learn origami? 

So here we are presenting you with a blend of both mindfulness and aesthetics in a very convenient way through a highly interactive online masterclass.  Here is an opportunity for an immersive folding experience of  16 hours spread across 4 weekends( two hour sessions on 4 saturdays and 4 Sundays).

This is scheduled over the weekend keeping in mind even those of you who would have had a hectic work week and want to indulge in this relaxing experience.   

You would be folding and finishing 4-5 home decor models that you can use for decorating your spaces.

Weekend 1( Aug 8 & 9):
Floral Origami for Home Decor
Weekend 2 ( Aug 15 & 16): 
Lampshades for enriching ambiance
Weekend 3 ( Aug 22 & 23 ): 
Basic tessellations for Home decor
Weekend 4 ( Aug 29 & 30 ):
Advanced tessellations for Home decor

    About the Mentor

    Origami with Aditi Anuj - Skillxn


    Aditi Anuj has a double degree in Textiles; earning the second one from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Having realized the nuances of Origami while still in college, Aditi’s education in design encouraged her to follow her artistic calling of this craft. Aditi started her Origami practice in Mumbai and moved to Gurgaon in the first half of 2019. She has been practicing Origami for 8 years and she recently launched her brand Adigami.

    She has taken workshops in prestigious design as well as architecture colleges all over the country some of them being, Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Design, National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Wadiyar Centre For Architecture, etc. Over the years, she has explored a wide range of scales: from folding miniature pieces of papers, to hanging 200 kg heavy installations, 20 feet in the air. Her recent claim to fame are the installations created for the second season of the Netflix Series – Sacred Games. Aditi aims to share the joys of folding with everyone she connects with; she strongly believes in spreading the art and laps up opportunities of conducting workshops all over the country. Aditi’s enterprising approach to the craft has opened up the world of Origami to a diverse range of enthusiasts: from a two-year-old girl to an eighty-year-old gentleman. Aditi strongly believes in the subliminal convergence of science, design & art in folding a single piece of paper.

    Who should Sign Up for this?

    The session has been planned in such a way that people from all age groups and all backgrounds would enjoy the session. Also you would need the following stationery:

    • Scissors, A4 Sheets of Paper/Origami Paper/Colored Paper

    • Fevicol, Rubber Bands/Strings

    • Scale

    • Pen for rolling

    • Pencil

    • Paper Cutter

    Note: In case you don't find the colored origami papers, then you can use newspapers or old magazines for square sheets. The size of the square can be anywhere between 6" - 8".

      When & Where?

      Venue At the comfort of your Home

      Weekend 1 - 8th,9th August

      Weekend 2 - 15th,16th August

      Weekend 3 -  22nd,23rd August

      Weekend 4 -  29th,30th August

      Time 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

      Once you register, we would send you the instructions and the access link to join the online session.

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