Phad Painting Monthly Classes with Abhishek ji

Phad Painting Monthly Classes with Abhishek ji

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Are you someone who is passionate about Indian traditional artforms? Do materials,medium and styles excite you? 

To help you satisfy your hunger for learning art and for growing your passion consistently, we at Skillxn are presenting our Traditional Learning Plans to materialize your aspirations.

About the Session

*Image credits: “The Royal Elephant Ride” by Abhishek Joshi ji

"Phad painting classes" is our unique interactive online class that enables you to learn the intricacies by the direct mentorship of one of the few exotic artists in the present generation:

  • History and context of art form
  • Basic patterns, motifs and borders
  • The Phad style of visual storytelling
  • Understanding of colors 

We are facilitating an environment for you to directly interact with the mentors and help you have an exponential progress rather than spending time searching and watching multiple videos to learn online.

 The origins of Phad painting can be traced back to 10th century or earlier and it is believed to developed by the well known “Shahpura Joshi family”. The descendants of this family have passionately practised and preserved this art form till this time and age.

This style of painting is a very special genre of Mewar(Rajasthani)painting. At the core, this painting serves the purpose of depicting gods and goddesses from mythological stories, rituals, habits and activities of the royal families and so on. These are visual aids for a special kind of traditional story telling through folk songs and traditional music. These paintings are made over handmade cotton cloth using handmade paints. 

This Traditional Art Learning plan consists of a total of 16 hours of learning extending onto assignments and worksheets to solidify your understanding and skills.This is designed to give you ample time to practice your assignments and the techniques for a week moving onto the next week’s agenda. 

The session has been planned in such a way that people with no background in art would also enjoy the session and progress along. 

WEEKEND 1 : ( 21st,22nd November) 

Learning outcomes :

  • Introduction
  • About the artist
  • History, significance and Influences
  • Understanding of materials 
  • Borders and motifs
  • What makes Phad paintings unique?

WEEKEND 2 : (28th, 29th November )  

Learning outcomes :

(12’’*15‘’) Painting “The Holi festival” - A composition depicting the Holi festival of colours

  • Sketching the Composition
  • Understanding color mixing  
  • Exercises and assignment for Week 3

WEEKEND 3 : (5th, 6th December )  

Learning outcomes :

(12’’*15‘’) Painting “The Royal Elephant Ride” - A composition depicting the king riding an elephant along with his Mahout

  • Sketching the Composition
  • Understanding color mixing  
  • Exercises and assignment for Week 4

WEEKEND 4 : (12th, 13th December )

Learning outcomes

(12*18) Painting “The Royal Triplet” 

  • Review of student work from weekend 3
  • Sketching the composition 
  • Painting and Finishing the painting

    ( *There will be slight modifications in the agenda based on the flow and pace of the batch)

    Materials Required: 

    Materials needed:

    1) A3 & A4 sheets

    2) Poster colors : Camel Color Card numbers: 283 Orange, 236 yellow, 240, 345 green,031 brown, 347 red, 056 blue, black, white. 

    3) Cotton cloth, meda, paperweight 

    4) Brushes ( Round 00,2,4,6 & Flat brush no.10 )

    5) Pencil, sharpeners, erasers, ruler

      About the Mentor


      Abhishek Joshi is a Limca Book Record Holder artist belonging to the prestigious “Shahpura Joshi” family known for having developed, practiced and preserved this art form through the times. He is the recipient of some of the prestigious awards like “Maharana Sajjan Singh”, “The Global Ratna Award”, “India’s Rising Star” award. He has contributed widely and deeply to this art form. One of his recent achievements is for having created the largest Phad painting ever on handmade canvas using natural stone colours. This got him a place in the LIMCA Books of Records and America Book of Records. He has been a part of numerous  art exhibitions and has conducted a large number of workshops throughout the country. 

        When & Where?

        Venue At the comfort of your Home

        Weekend 1 - 21st, 22nd November ( 10am -12 pm)

        Weekend 2 - 28th, 29th November  ( 10am -12 pm)

        Weekend 3 - 5th, 6th November (10am -12 pm)

        Weekend 4 - 12th, 13th November ( 10am -12 pm)

        Duration 16 hours


        Video Recordings would be provided to support the learning experience during the course of the learning plan.   


        Where You Can Reach Us?

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